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Diabetes Education

Diabetes is a complex, long-term condition.

Diabetes is a complex, long-term condition. Balancing your diet, activity levels and insulin requirements all day, every day can feel overwhelming at times.

Sometimes you’re highly motivated to ‘get it right’ but at other times you may find yourself behaving as if your diabetes wasn’t there. You can tell us how you’re really feeling and we’ll listen with empathy.

That’s because we get it. We’ve counselled thousands of people with diabetes from kids to retirees, people just diagnosed to people who’ve lived with diabetes for decades. We know it’s not easy.

At Macintyre Health, we give you the support you need to manage your diabetes well and enjoy your life to the max. Our experienced, caring Credentialled Diabetes Educators and Dietitians provide one-on-one patient education and support alongside your doctor – no matter where you live or where you’re at with your condition.

Whether you have just been diagnosed or you are looking for ways to better manage your diabetes, Macintyre Health is here to help.

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Our Credentialled Diabetes Educators

Our Credentialled Diabetes Educators

Credentialled Diabetes Educators (CDEs) are highly trained health professionals with considerable skills in managing all aspects of diabetes care.

Our role is to guide you through the chapters of life with diabetes and teach you the skills of diabetes self-management. We’re your coach through the tough patches and your cheer squad when you achieve blood glucose level goals. We help you put evidence-based medicine into practice in a way that works for you.

At Macintyre Health, we focus on you and what you want out of life. Patients rarely tell us they want their HbA1c to be a certain magic number, but they do say they’d like to be able to keep up with their kids, go on a three-day wilderness adventure, or figure out how to go out for a big Friday night without their blood glucose crashing.

We’ll work with you on your goals, helping you to manage your diabetes with the kind of balance that allows you to optimise your blood glucose and live the life you want.

Benefits of Glucose Monitoring Systems


Support you to feel empowered living with diabetes


Coordinate care with other members of your diabetes team


Help you adjust treatment in response to life events and lifestyle changes


Remind you to stay on track with your annual cycle of diabetes care with your GP


Give you the skills for diabetes self-management


Understand the parts of diabetes that are relevant to your everyday management

manage medication

Help you manage medication changes


Weigh up all of your management options to find the best fit for you in your life

People with any form of diabetes or pre-diabetes benefit from seeing a Credentialled Diabetes Educator. We can help you make lifestyle changes, transition from tablets to insulin, manage your medication, meals and exercise, and refer you to other diabetes experts like dieticians. We also help people with all forms of diabetes including latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA) or maturity onset diabetes of the young (MODY).

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