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Dietitian / Nutrition Services

What is the difference between a Dietitian and Nutritionist?

A Dietitian is a registered health professional, much like a registered nurse who is trained in managing medical nutrition and counselling techniques using evidence-based clinical practice. Our Dietitians have further training in Diabetes, Eating Disorders, IBS and Sports Nutrition.

A Nutritionist can range in their qualifications and training. It can be as unregulated as someone waking up and calling themselves a nutritionist one day. However, they could also be a registered nutritionist, nutrition researcher, work in public health nutrition or industry.


$180 Initial
$135 Review
$200 Extended Review

What to expect?

Your Dietitian will ask a detailed history about your dietary needs and areas of concern, diet history, BGLs or blood test (please bring to appointment or send to reception prior to appointment) and also a little about yourself and what makes you tick! They will discuss your goals and agenda and then provide some practical advice for you to take away and try at home.

After the session your Dietitian will often provide you with take home information discussed in the consultation and liaise with your GP, referrer and any other relevant medical team, with your permission.

At a follow up session, they will then review any challenges along the way and adapt advice to suit you individually or build on this with more advanced education. You will always plan together what future support might look like whether it is an annual check in, weekly support for a few months or you might feel good to go!

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