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Type 1 Diabetes

Monitoring Diabetes Type 1

An auto-immune condition

Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes can come as a shock. The auto-immune condition cannot be prevented; while there is no cure right now, research is promising. With a management plan that’s right for you and your priorities, you can live a healthy, happy life.

With type 1 diabetes, your pancreas stops making the insulin your body needs to turn glucose into energy. So your first priority in managing the condition is to replace that lost insulin via injections or an insulin pump. Macintyre Health can set you up with a pump when you are first diagnosed or at any time during your diabetes journey, helping you bypass public waiting lists.

Our qualified consultants work with everyone from young children through to older adults – helping you manage your condition using the latest in diabetes management and technology, at your pace and always guided by what you want.

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