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How To Get Here

How to get here


Driving South on the M1 take Exit 79 towards Mudgeeraba/Robina

Use the left lane to turn slightly onto Highfield Drive,

Turn slightly left from Highfield Drive onto Robina Town Centre

Follow Robina Town Centre to the Roundabout, turn left.

Follow Laver Drive to roundabout and take 3 rd exit back onto Laver Drive.

Driveway to HQ@Robina is just before the next roundabout.


Many buses stop at Robina Town Centre, including 747, 748 750, 751, 752, 755, 758, 759,
760, 765.

Our offices are lovely 5 minute walk from Robina Town Centre.


You can access Robina Town Centre from the Robina Train Station then follow the video
instructions above!