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Meet Laura

Director and Founder, Nurse Practitioner and Credentialled Diabetes Educator

Welcome to Macintyre Health, the creation of Laura Zimmerman, a leader in diabetes management, specialising in the innovative use of diabetes technology. Weaving an ethos of care and high accessibility into every fibre of her practice, Laura’s ambition is to transform diabetes healthcare for Australians everywhere – eliminating the need for burdensome travel.

Laura Zimmerman, a distinguished graduate from the University of Queensland’s School of Nursing, earned her advanced certifications in Chronic Disease Self-Management Advising and Diabetes Education and Management with high distinction. Her quest for excellence led her to become a Nurse Practitioner, specialising in Diabetes, Metabolic Disorders, and Chronic Disease Management, after graduating with distinction from Flinders University. Laura’s fast-paced career path, marked by roles such as a Clinical Nurse Specialist, Diabetes Educator, and Cardiac Rehabilitation Coordinator, has seen her working alongside Australia’s leading medical professionals. Further enhancing her credentials, she now serves as a Principal Investigator for the Australian Centre for Accelerating Diabetes Innovations, placing her at the forefront of advancements in diabetes management.

With a robust 14+ years of nursing and chronic disease management, Laura has emerged as an innovative clinician and key opinion leader in the healthcare community. Well-regarded for challenging the status quo and steering towards new approaches like Value Based Healthcare, her influence is evident in her advisory board positions, policy contributions, and research initiatives.

Recognising the inherent value of cultural safety, Laura’s practice is deeply engaged with the Indigenous communities she serves. Her regular dialogue with Elders and active community feedback intake underscores a commitment to nurturing a service that meets the unique needs of every community.

The thread that ties Laura’s diverse experiences together is her relentless advocacy for translating evidence-based research into practice, ensuring the highest quality of care for her patients. Her knack for building relationships and fostering high-performing teams is reflected in her broad network of national and international colleagues and the reputation of Macintyre Health as a hub of excellence.

Here at Macintyre Health, we invite you to join us on this mission to revolutionise diabetes care. Whether you’re a healthcare professional looking to contribute or a potential patient seeking the best care, we assure you of a warm, welcoming, and innovative environment.

As the Founder of Macintyre Health, I am driven by the principle that high-quality diabetes care, fuelled by cutting-edge technology and research, should be accessible to all Australians, regardless of geography. With my experience and ongoing involvement in innovative initiatives, I am dedicated to revolutionising diabetes management, ensuring it is personalised, effective, and within reach for everyone.

Speaker Bio

Laura Zimmerman is the Founder of Macintyre Health - known for leading in diabetes management and innovative healthcare delivery. As a Nurse Practitioner with a specialty in Diabetes, Metabolic Disorders, and Chronic Disease Management, and a Principal Investigator for the Australian Centre for Accelerating Diabetes Innovations, Laura leverages over 14 years of experience to challenge the status quo, transforming diabetes care for Australians.

Her dedication to cultural safety, evidence-based practices, and fostering high-performing teams is a key contributor to her tenure in our field.

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