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Case Conferences

Innovating Diabetes Care Through Collaborative Excellence – Macintyre Health’s Case Conferences

Macintyre Health is at the forefront of revolutionising diabetes management with our commitment to collaboration and state-of-the-art diabetes technology. Our unique case conference approach underpins our delivery of superior, patient-focused care.

We synchronise our efforts to ensure every team member is aligned towards your health goals, be it a specific treatment target or a return-to-work plan. Leveraging cutting-edge therapies, we navigate complex cases, particularly in the realm of Type 1 diabetes, and work together to create innovative solutions.

Our case conferences are proactive information-sharing forums designed to enhance transparency and enable early intervention. At Macintyre Health, we’re not just having meetings; we’re transforming healthcare, one patient at a time, through the power of collaborative excellence.

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RAPID Conference Day 2

Psychosocial Aspect of Diabetes (PSAD) Study Group Research Accelerating Psychosocial Innovations in Diabetes (RAPID) Conference Copenhagen, Denmark, Day 2 30th November 2022 After a delightful

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