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About Cristy

Meet Cristy

Business Development and partnership manager

“Cristy is Macintyre Health’s dynamic Partnerships and Business Development Manager. With an impressive history of forging powerful relationships across hospital and health service sectors, she embodies a blend of robust project management and collaboration.

Her primary goal? Ensuring optimal outcomes and interactions for every stakeholder. Drawing from her personal journey as a parent of a child with Type One Diabetes, Cristy intimately understands the unique challenges of those living with diabetes. This experience fuels her advocacy for health equity and her passion for enhancing health literacy. Besides her pivotal role at Macintyre Health, Cristy is the Chairperson of the Gold Coast Primary Health Network Community Advisory Council. Here, she champions the needs of the Gold Coast community, always placing them at the forefront.

At Macintyre Health, Cristy’s responsibilities are vast. From coordinating key stakeholders to pinpointing fresh avenues that enrich the lives of those with diabetes, she remains constantly attentive. She is also instrumental in gathering intel and orchestrating responses to prospective partnerships. Cristy’s drive, passion, and results-focus ethos, combined with her deep-rooted connection to diabetes, make her an invaluable asset. She is unwavering in her mission to curate tailored strategies that uplift those living with diabetes and bolster health literacy and accessibility.”

I understand the challenges of dealing with a diagnosis, responding to the changes and accessing information. I believe that people can thrive when informed and empowered

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